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Blogs with his insights on startups, tech, money, marketing and more!

Productivity Game-Changer: Daily Highlight Technique

Stop Wasting Time: The Technique That Will Boost Your Productivity”? Have you ever had days where you feel like you’ve been working all day, but haven’t really achieved anything?...

The Matrix Theory: Are We Living in a Simulation?

“Have you ever wondered if our world is just a simulation?” This question has been asked by many, and it’s not just a science fiction concept. In fact, it has been discussed by...

Manifestation: The Biggest Scam of the Influencer World

Aren’t you tired of hearing influencers telling you that manifestation is the ultimate solution to all your problems? Do you think that all you need to do is think positively and the universe will...

The Audiobook Experiment: How I Consumed 10 Books in 3 Months Without Sitting Still

Do you ever feel like everyone is telling you to read more, but you just can’t seem to find the time? Well, you’re not alone. As an entrepreneur who works 12 hours a day, I used to be an...

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